I want to get a new phone soon and a while a go I had decided I would probably get an iphone if it came out for Virgin Mobile (which it did). I’m not much of an apple fan, but it’s such a common phone and there’s a lot of stuff for it (app wise, accessory wise etc…) and that’s mainly why I was convinced to get one.

But recently I have been looking into Japanese phones and I have been really interested to maybe try one of those instead. It would be nice to have something different and the two types I’m most interested in are really versatile and powerful and also in a cool clam shell style. But I’m torn. They’re both basically the same design but a few features differ. One is android and one is not. I have no idea what the app market is like for the Fujitsu, and while I wasn’t planning to use a ton of apps I still wanted to have basic ones like instagram, FB, twitter etc… and I’ve used an Android device before so I would be familiar with the Sharp phone. I just really like that the Fujitsu has a finger print reader that allows only you to use it and also a convenient button to flip the phone open. I guess in the long run the android seems like a better idea but -sigh- I don’t know….

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